Fisherman Sanpei - Cross Media Soft


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07-04-2021, 13:05

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By raulsantacruz

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07-04-2021, 13:08

Greeeat!!! Thank you DJANGO!

By Manuel

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08-04-2021, 22:50

Cool, when will it be available?

By Pencioner

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09-04-2021, 13:09

Wow such a nice game Smile Never heard of it before, but would like to try Big smile

By msxtrd

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09-04-2021, 13:17

Great! This is one of the forgotten games I played loooong time ago Smile

By _ThEcRoW

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14-04-2021, 19:48

Where is this game or the translation available?

By Manuel

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26-05-2021, 22:15

Any news on this, DJANGO? Is it already available?

By Manuel

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27-05-2021, 19:03

I meant the translation, of course Smile