Xenophon's inferno

Xenophon's inferno

by sirelion on 09-04-2021, 06:34
제목: Development
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Thanks to the good reception that The Fall of Prometheus had, at this moment Mystery labs are working on the sequel to it, Xenophon's inferno, where we will lead Xenophon of Athens through dangerous infernal Persian palaces induced by his enemy, Tisaphernes.

The ultimate goal will be to lead the 10,000 lost hoplites in Persia, back to Greece. There's no preview screen, video or demo to be shown yet, the team will when the times ready. It will be a puzzle & skill game following the footsteps of its older brother.

Relevant link:Developers' homepage

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By Randam

Paragon (1418)

Randam의 아바타

09-04-2021, 19:34

YAAAAY! Love the game. Interested to see its sequel. If it is again 'Eggerland'-like, is there any chance for a level editor for this game?

Regardless of the answer: you can already put me down for one Smile

By DTensoMSX

Supporter (9)

DTensoMSX의 아바타

10-04-2021, 01:07

Great, I loved The Fall of Prometheus, I would love to see any image or video of Xenophon's Inferno

By ray2day

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ray2day의 아바타

10-04-2021, 09:29

Really good news. I like fall of prometheus very much. Would be cool if it become the same Eggerland-style / kinda game. I love the puzzles!
Hope there will be a password system this time.

By sirelion

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sirelion의 아바타

13-04-2021, 22:55

Thank you for your interest. Xenophon's inferno keeps the gameplay of The fall of Prometheus. Are the same type of mechanics. Some people ask us about maps editor, but not for the moment.
There you can find some images of making of: https://twitter.com/Sirelion/status/1382074635609632768?s=20