More than one external memorymapper...

By Moniz

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18-04-2021, 21:57

Hey all,

I was just wondering if it possible to use more than 1 memorymapper..
Im listening to a lot o f VGM's and every now and then I stuble across one that needs more memory.
Currently im using an 1mb external memorymapper with my GT, but I wonder what would happen if I would buy a second mapper and use that alongside the other one..
Would that work?
Would that work with cards like the Carnivore2?

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By Grauw

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18-04-2021, 21:59

Yes, MSX-DOS2 (Nextor) supports multiple memory mappers, and so does VGMPlay.

By ro

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19-04-2021, 09:34

Not all software supports mappers in different slots, it depends.