Ys Sony HB F1XD edition

By st1mpy

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05-05-2021, 21:15

Is the Ys game bundled originally with F1XD just different in packaging, or is it true it only works on this machine?
Currently on sale here.
Apparently, it's rare, 4000 were made.

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By Sylvester

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05-05-2021, 22:02

as far as I know it's true, the manufactory code is checked at startup, and if it is a non-Sony MSX2, "SONY ONLY !!" is displayed and it does not start. But I have never seen a dump of this version.

By gdx

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06-05-2021, 01:59

This version of YS is a sample. It is written "非売品" (Not for sale) on the disk.
At that time in Japan, large companies sent samples to resellers.
Konami's cartridge called prototype are in fact samples used for demontrations.

By st1mpy

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06-05-2021, 10:13