Please HELP. Sony HB 701 FD

By Kostek2005

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16-05-2021, 17:20

Please help.
Sony HB 701 FD
I have a problem with the sony hb 701fd.
1. After switching on, a pink startup screen appears (I think it should be blue) and asks for the date
2. After switching on and entering the date, it loads straight to basic, although it should load into the HitBit Art program.
-Floppy drive is disconnected because it doesn't work
-I replaced the graphics IC 9928 and it's the same
-After disconnecting the pcb with basic and the fdd driver, the computer loads to HitBit Art but the image is pink all the time
-games run on strange colors
-colors can only be changed in basic when turn on video mode on the front of the computer.
Please help. I don't know where to look
Thanks .

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By kiwimsx

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25-05-2021, 10:54

Good morning, I also have a sony 701 and I confirm that with the a / v output it shows the pink screen tested on the sony kx-14cp1 monitor and with the rgb 21 output it shows the blue screen on a philips monitor that I have connected at the same time. I suppose it could be due to the overlay output although I don't know if it is for this reason. Sorry for my English I use the google translator. Smile