Bug in the game Witch Day

By foody

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03-10-2021, 07:57


This appears jibberish at the beggining of the game story. I am using megaflashrom. How do I flash it correctly to avoid this jibberish from appearing in the screen?

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By Uninteresting

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03-10-2021, 08:55

From what I understood (and remember) from the talk around the game's release, that might be intentional. At that point, she's down in the well, maybe more or less delirious? IIRC that appears also on emulators.

By foody

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03-10-2021, 09:27


Your serious???!!!! O_0

By Uninteresting

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03-10-2021, 09:55

I'm serious, but not sure I'm right. The release news item has that suggestion near the top. (Don't read further down, spoilers abound.)


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03-10-2021, 10:02

This game was a little gem, the "bug" is a game effect, IIRC it means you are confused and slowly returning conscious

By Zandig Slaytanic

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06-10-2021, 15:41

Regarding running this game with openMSX,

The entry for the game in the softwaredb.xml file prevents it from loading.
Changing the entry to a megarom with ASCII16SRAM2 solves the issue.

By ray2day

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06-10-2021, 15:57

Super game!

And the ‘messed up part’ is indeed part of the game’s intro story. If you read all lines of the story as supposed to, it should be more than clear to my opinion I think.