Carnivore2 v2.50 public Beta testing started

Carnivore2 v2.50 public Beta testing started

by Alexey on 18-11-2021, 14:44
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After a long break there's some news on the new software for Carnivore2 cartridge. RBSC has started the public Beta testing of Carnivore2 v2.50. This release has many new features and several bugfixes. Any volunteers are welcome to download the necessary files from here:

Link 1 (TXT)
Link 2 (files)

Please read the TXT file - it contains a lot of important information!

The info on bugs, already implemented and still planned features can be found here.

WARNING! This is a Beta version, so it may contain bugs and may render your cartridge inoperable. It's recommended to take part in the Beta testing only if your MSX has an internal/separate FDD drive or if you have a separate cartridge that can load MSX-DOS. You may need this hardware if you accidentally brick your Carnivore2 during Beta testing. If you just have Carnivore2 for everyday use - the Beta testing is not for you.

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By Alexey

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Alexey의 아바타

20-11-2021, 14:37

If you tested the Beta, but didn't find any problems, I would appreciate if you could still write to the e-mail address mentioned in the TXT file. Otherwise I won't see whether anyone actually tested the Beta. Thanks in advance.

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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OeiOeiVogeltje의 아바타

23-11-2021, 16:23

there WAS a tutorial somewhere on HOW to flash all this stuff....

By Manuel

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Manuel의 아바타

23-11-2021, 20:42

Just run C2MAN in nextor. Easy!

By Pencioner

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Pencioner의 아바타

24-11-2021, 01:30

I think it was about flashing FPGA firmware, c2man doesn't help here. Do not remember if there was something like tutorial already. But if you promise a thousand of views and a hundred of subscribers i will start my YT channel with recording this video Big smile

By Alexey

Guardian (3285)

Alexey의 아바타

24-11-2021, 14:50

There's a step-by-step illustrated tutorial in the documentation:

By djh1697

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djh1697의 아바타

25-11-2021, 21:49

I'll wait for the final version to be released, but I like the things I am reading Wink

By Grauw

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Grauw의 아바타

26-11-2021, 15:16

Pencioner wrote:

But if you promise a thousand of views and a hundred of subscribers i will start my YT channel with recording this video Big smile

I got 172 subscribers and my latest FMPCM video got 928 views so those numbers are feasible posting only MSX content on an irregular basis Smile.

By S0urceror

Master (195)

S0urceror의 아바타

28-11-2021, 23:05

Just burned the firmware and flashed the boot menu, Nextor+IDE driver. So far so good. Everything working.

I'll check the next couple of days how it's holding up and report via email.

By Alexey

Guardian (3285)

Alexey의 아바타

09-12-2021, 19:07

Thanks to everyone who tested so far!

Sadly, we've found a bug in the Boot Menu 2.50. The second Carnivore2 doesn't work properly. Trying to identify the problem.

Also I implemented a couple new features in the meanwhile. Now Carnivore2 auto-selects its own port based on its slot number.

By Alexey

Guardian (3285)

Alexey의 아바타

10-12-2021, 02:29

The bug has been found and finally fixed. Please either download the original archive again or just download the newer archive with the fixed Boot Menus from here:

I took the chance to add 2 new features into the the fixed Boot Menu:

- The Boot Menu restores the original screen number and its resolution when exiting
- The configuration screen allows to set the ID port's auto-selection mode (the port is selected based on slot number)