How it is with Steven van het Goor

By Repair-Bas

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19-12-2021, 12:39

Just found this youtube channel.
This was the publisher of the Dutch magazine MSX Mozaïk.
Steven van het Goor <——> Geert van Sonthove
B-) B-) B-) B-)

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By Sander

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20-12-2021, 13:02

Jeez, I thought I was looking at jiskefet (Dutch satire show with surreal humor). We see someone repair an extinct washer with a half-naked guy who doesn't want to be in the video but is watchable in the mirror. In a bathroom that needs a high-pressure cleaning service. While strolling around Steven also gives us insight into his bottoms, when bending over to grab something from the floor. In the third video we see his house that needs Marie Kondo immediately. I remember visiting his place way back to order an FM-PAC. In the end I bought a Sony HB-F1XDJ at the MSX Centrum in Amsterdam because that FM-PAC never came.
He was a nice guy to talk to, albeit a bit weird. The videos fit with that. Youtube should have a community 'delete button' to protect people from themselves imho.

By Grauw

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20-12-2021, 14:20

Seems like an amicable fellow Big smile. He makes real comedy for sure!

“Maar nu ik hem helemaal heb dichtgelijmd blijft hij ook heel lang meegaan!” LOL!