Why some SD/CF don't work?

By selios2000

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13-03-2022, 14:38

I recently bought two 2GB SD cards for my Zemmix Neo, and it just ignores them...
I have read that Carnivore 2 is also sensitive to some brands of CF.
Why is this happening?

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By gdx

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14-03-2022, 02:09

There are many SD to CF adaptors that are not compatible with the Carnivore2 driver for Nextor. It same for the Sunrise CF interface. I suspect device names that are too long are not supported.

By sdsnatcher73

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14-03-2022, 05:31

I think with CF the problem is more related to IDE addressing. CF is basically IDE and IDE (or I probably should say ATA) has both CHS (Cylinder/Head/Sector) and LBA (Logical Block Address) and various versions of each. All because ATA has a long history of limitations to overcome as disks became larger.

With SD a similar thing happened, so we have SD, SDHC and SDXC (and possibly more?). You can have upto 4GB SD although nowadays most SD cards sold are SDHC. Why some SD cards won’t work in a given retro system is usually due to the implementation in the retro hardware.

By gdx

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14-03-2022, 11:48

2GB SD cards can't be SDHC nor SDXC.

All types of SD card refuse to work in incompatible adapters, but these are recognized on startup.

I noticed that when the ID name is long, it is truncated. I've seen this only on adapters that don't work, but maybe that's a coincidence.