Zemmix Neo & Logitech EX-110 & ps2mouseTOde9

By giuseve

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07-05-2022, 20:43

Hi to all,
I'm trying to connect my Logitech EX-110 Keyboard+Mouse Wireless to ZEMMIX NEO

Keyboard works fine, 'cause Zemmix has a PS2 port.
What about the mouse?
Zemmix has DE9 port, Logitech ex-110 is PS2.

Could someone help me?

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By roadfighter

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08-05-2022, 16:54

I have some PS2 mouse to db9 MSX converters.
Maybe you could use that for the Logitech.
Contact me in my profile.


By AxelStone

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08-05-2022, 17:52

PS2 port in Zemmix is only for keyboard, to use a mouse you need a MSX compatible mouse using DB9 port. There exist adapters PS2->DB9 that you can use also to connect a PC mouse.

By giuseve

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08-05-2022, 20:34


mail sent, but I received an error.
Maybe my IP is listed as spam?


By AxelStone

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09-05-2022, 08:47

I've this one, it works really fine:


Best regards.

By gflorez

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10-05-2022, 16:04

Manuferhi is great!

You also have this cheap DIY wonderful project from NYYRIKKI.