I need help with Pumpkin Adventure 2 the beach...

By foody

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27-05-2022, 04:59


I am stuck in the game. I cannot pass the beach because I do not know where to find the mechanism.

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By JohnHassink

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28-05-2022, 02:29

I found (part of) a walkthrough on MCCM issue #82 (.pdf alert), starting from page 62.

Just trying to interpret here, but If I understand it correctly, you need the "Eternal Crosier".
First off, you probably have entered a tower north of Nelusco, defeated the demon there and got the 4th key. There should be a maze there, where you find Dinges and talk to him. He asks you to find the Eternal Crosier.

When in Nelusco, go eastwards, and there should be a place in the forest where you have to open 8 chests in the right order -

  2 1
7     4
8     3
  5 6

This should give you the Eternal Crosier, with which you can enter the gate at the beach.

I hope this helps. If not, I suggest that you run the text of the walkthrough through Google Translate.

By foody

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28-05-2022, 03:00

I got it. The gate refuses to open. In fact I used my iphone to determine the proper combination to unlike the chests in proper series. I got the eternal crosier and when I went to the beach...the gate remains closed and still prompt me saying that there is a mechaninsim somewhere.

By sdsnatcher73

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28-05-2022, 07:57

From the walkthrough above: you have to find a marking on thr beach, on that marking use the crossier and you will be transported some place else.