HIC board project

HIC board project

by Wierzbowsky on 16-08-2022, 15:20
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The Russian Bear Service Crew has published files for their redesigned HIC board - the solution to replace the broken original board. Another excellent piece of MSX hardware to extend the machine's life!

There are certain MSX2/2+ computers that have a so-called "HIC Board" - a "Hybrid IC" daughterboard that is mounted onto the MSX computer's motherboard. This board provides functionality like converting RGBS signals to composite video, audio mixing and pre-amplifying, muting audio on power events, and so on. This board is known to be installed in the following MSX computers:

  • Sony HB-F1II
  • Sony HB-F1XD
  • Sony HB-F1XV
  • Sony HB-F1XDJ
  • Sony HB-F1XDmkII
  • Panasonic FS-A1mkII
  • Panasonic FS-A1F
  • Kawai KMC-5000 (Panasonic FS-A1F OEM)

The original HIC board has three electrolytic capacitors which are known to cause trouble. They are prone to leak and damage the board when they do. When this happens, the board will malfunction. Often even beyond repair. Fixing the leaked boards is difficult as some components can separate from the corroded solder pads, and some tracks may become corroded under the CXA encoder chip.

To enable repairs for the non-working MSX machines, the Russian Bear Service Crew, or RBSС, designed a clone of the original HIC board and at the same time added the following improvements:

  • Use a better and commonly available encoder chip CXA2075
  • Add s-video output capability
  • Try to get rid of the original 4069UBF chip's dependency
  • Make the HIC board detachable

The board was distributed as a DIY kit to test-users before deciding on the final design.

Now the project has been released into the RBSC's repository and is available for everyone to try out. As usual, RBSC can give the permission to produce the HIC board commercially. Please contact the RBSC's coordinator, if you are willing to make a commercial batch.

Relevant link: Overview on RBSC's website
Relevant link: HIC board in RBSC's repository

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18-08-2022, 21:59

For commercial use we can already license the v1.1 HIC board that is easier to use with pin headers: