MSX compatible joysticks

By wimpie3

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13-09-2022, 11:16

When I look here:
it seems as if they claim this joystick is compatible with all MSX models. I thought Sega joysticks were NEVER compatible with the MSX? Could this be a false claim on the website?

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By gdx

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13-09-2022, 11:47

I think this is a false claim and even the picture doesn't correspond to the product sold. It's probably this one:

The quality is quite lower than the original controller.

By Micha

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13-09-2022, 13:06

It looks like that controller is really small (controller size relative to plug size), and the cable looks very short...

I don't know this product and it's probably a false claim, but there might be a switch on the back to make it compatible ?

By CASDuino

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13-09-2022, 17:36

It's a very cheap and shoddy controller (I have one) from China that is much smaller than the Megadrive controller and it isn't two button compatible. It will work on the MSX but only as a single fire button controller.

By emi2

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16-09-2022, 14:38

I think they are "compatible", but with the modification of this web page: