MSXdev22 #18 Muhonmourn 3

MSXdev22 #18 Muhonmourn 3

by MSXdev Team on 22-09-2022, 08:38
제목: Challenges
태그: msxdev22, MSXdev
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The game Muhonmourn 3 is the MSX version of a series created by Japanese developer hoge1e3. In a playfield with 3 other contestants, you are to conquer as much ground as you can. In this multiplayer game, the player with the most covered ground wins!

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Relevant link: Muhonmourn 3 - MSXdev official
Relevant link: Muhonmourn 3 - play online

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By darknd

Supporter (6)

darknd의 아바타

22-09-2022, 08:52

So adictive!! Congrats to hoge1e3 Smile

By gdx

Enlighted (5825)

gdx의 아바타

22-09-2022, 14:55

Adding Ninja Tap support would be nice.

By shalafi

Expert (110)

shalafi의 아바타

22-09-2022, 19:40

I like it, simple and effective.

By geijoenr

Champion (352)

geijoenr의 아바타

22-09-2022, 23:59

supersimple and superfun

By Danjovic

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Danjovic의 아바타

24-09-2022, 16:52

The game is awesome, simple and fun!
It would be fantastic to have such multiplayer games when we were kids, eagerly waiting for our turn, when we get together with our brothers and friends to play video games.

By Danjovic

Champion (320)

Danjovic의 아바타

07-11-2022, 14:31

gdx wrote:

Adding Ninja Tap support would be nice.

It's done! Check the latest messages at the Ninja Tap topic ;)