MSXdev22 #25 My Sacred Place

MSXdev22 #25 My Sacred Place

by MSXdev Team on 02-10-2022, 12:05
제목: Challenges
태그: msxdev22, MSXdev
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In the game My Sacred Place, a Kung-fu fighting hero protects the sacred land with heart and soul. A classic MSX1 game from Brazil.

With a gentle nod to Ganbare Goemon, this action game lets you train in de dojo, buy items and fight off the creatures that come at night. Protagonist Yu Tao is fast as lightning. In fact, it's a little bit frightening. The world is his dojo and his chopping game is on.

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Relevant link: My Sacred Place - MSXdev official
Relevant link: My Sacred Place - play online

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By gdx

Enlighted (5825)

gdx의 아바타

03-10-2022, 02:02

Tweaked down to documentation. Looks nice.

By Uninteresting

Champion (338)

Uninteresting의 아바타

03-10-2022, 07:13

Very nice, although I haven't had the chance to play past season 2 yet.

By roolandoo

Resident (50)

roolandoo의 아바타

03-10-2022, 11:16

Very cool, it's like a little game of "Tower Defense".

By Visualedu

Expert (71)

Visualedu의 아바타

03-10-2022, 11:38

This game has a Konami flavor from the early 80's, great!

By thegeps

Paragon (1125)

thegeps의 아바타

03-10-2022, 11:57

Played it yesterday on File-Hunter. I had fun Wink

By AxelStone

Prophet (3176)

AxelStone의 아바타

09-10-2022, 10:51

Hello, the game has a bug that prevent you to continue. If you stay long time in the shop the countdown clock doesn't work. Let's say you go to have dinner and keep MSX on, when you come back you can't continue playing.