Last edition of MSXdev winner Lilly's Saga - The Stones of Evergreen by Fabulous8bit, gets a physical release available at French publishers Côté Gamers. This MSX2 masterpiece will be reborn as an enhanced version, delivered on a standard MSX size cartridge in a full-sized cover box, complete with all bells and whistles. Reserve your copy today.

When the MSX platform was considered obsolete in the early nineties, it was hard to imagine that we - the system's fans - would ever see anymore physical cartridge games being published for that 8bit wonder. But, perhaps to everyone's surprise, we see more and more games being released on a physical format these days. Cartridges are hip! And with today's means in electronics, they can be produced in a relatively cheap manner. With that in mind, it wasn't a matter of if, but more like when Lilly would go physical on you.

Ranking at #1 in the MSXdev22 compo, Lilly's Saga follows in the footsteps of Bufonada, another MSXdev22 entry, that was recently announced to see a release as a cartridge version published by the same French company. Which French company, you may ask? Well, founded in 2014, Côté Gamers is keeping retro consoles and computers alive by publishing games on all media. A great initiative, which is a treat for MSX fans as well.

When playing the MSX2 platformer action game Lilly’s Saga - The Stones of Evergreen, you will set out to retrieve stolen gems while exploring strange new worlds. A game full of secret passages, hidden treasures, fluid game play, smooth graphics with ditto background scroll, and an excellent MSX-Music sound track. The game runs on MSX2 or higher with at least 128 kB VRAM. The cartridge offers space for save-games, with up to six slots stored directly onto the cartridge itself. All on all, a very impressive debut from Fabulous8bit.

Publisher Côté Gamers has a reservation page open for you to secure a copy of Lilly's Saga. For €45 (+shipping) you can expect your package to arrive in the first quarter of 2023. In there you will find the premium edition of the game, including game-save on cartridge, and additional music. Boxed in a beautiful large size box with a full color booklet containing the manual and "making-of", available in either English or Spanish.

relevant link: Lilly's Saga official web site
relevant link: Côté Gamers official web site

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By Manuel

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21-12-2022, 23:52

Reserved. Anyone who wants to share shipping costs?

By Metalion

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Metalion의 아바타

22-12-2022, 08:07

Also reserved one copy, yesterday 😄

By Bas040

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Bas040의 아바타

22-12-2022, 08:35

Also reserved. Great to have a physical copy of this game!
@Manual, we can share shipping costs

By Sebbeug

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Sebbeug의 아바타

22-12-2022, 12:25

THE game to own in your MSX collection !
reserved !!!

By Latok

msx guru (3928)

Latok의 아바타

22-12-2022, 16:46

Ordered Smile

By tanuki

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tanuki의 아바타

22-12-2022, 17:21

Hello everybody.
The shipping cost will be 5€ for spain/ europe and around 10€ for USA/canada. With tracking.

By thegeps

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thegeps의 아바타

22-12-2022, 18:29

Reserved! Eager to have a physical copy Smile

By valkyre

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valkyre의 아바타

22-12-2022, 19:18

Yes, got one reserved!

By dan

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dan의 아바타

23-12-2022, 10:24


By wolf_

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wolf_의 아바타

23-12-2022, 12:52

Lilly is most pleased!

By erpirao

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24-12-2022, 20:37



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02-01-2023, 19:48


By Bengalack

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Bengalack의 아바타

04-01-2023, 13:05

Thank you all. I'm very happy to see that Côté Gamers is reporting more than 100 reservations already.

Check out the new video we have made for this reservation as well:

By AnsiStar

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AnsiStar의 아바타

06-01-2023, 20:47

Sorry for my stupid question: Can I play Lilly on my VG 8235 without any additional Musichardware?

By wolf_

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wolf_의 아바타

06-01-2023, 21:01

Why yes... you just get PSG-sfx then, no music. Crying

By AnsiStar

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AnsiStar의 아바타

08-01-2023, 17:55

Reserved!! Wink

By Kai Magazine

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09-01-2023, 10:47


By japanretroCT

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japanretroCT의 아바타

29-01-2023, 09:34

Someone knows the release date?