Valuation:Feedback and Kaleidoscope Special

By blastwind

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18-03-2023, 16:42

Hello all

I would like to know if anybody has values on Feedback (Excellent condition without reg card) and Kaleidoscope Special (Excellent condition complete)

I plan on selling

Thank you!

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By MYKSelf

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20-03-2023, 14:05

I don't know about Feedback, but the latest Kaleidoscope Special I've seen ended on Yahoo Auctions Japan in january 2023 at 90000 Yen.

IMHO, I think it ended a little over market price, but it's so rare to see one that I can't really say what's a just price.

By sdsnatcher73

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20-03-2023, 16:57

Also prices in Europe hardly reach that high.

By Bernard

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21-03-2023, 10:38

The last trade I saw for Feedback was in Dec. 2022 at Yahoo Auctions Japan. The package on sale was complete (i.e. box, manual and disk) and fetched 131,000 yen.