Spring Warrior 2023 ready for sale

Spring Warrior 2023 ready for sale

by ro on 25-04-2023, 07:14
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The reincarnation of Oniric Factor's game Spring Warrior is ready to market and this is your chance to get your hands on a physical copy. The game has been revamped with lots of new appearances to accommodate hours of game play.

Just a few months ago, we reported about the remake of Spring Warrior, a game by software studio Oniric Factor. The studio has been delivering nothing but good quality MSX titles in the last decade, with Spring Warrior being no exception. While the original release already had top-notch gameplay, graphics and sound, the new 2023 release tops that by miles.

A full remake of a 2017 game, that isn't even that old to begin with, a bold step for a relative young game studio. But we can imagen that 10 years of active game code experience could make one think they can do better this time. Oniric Factor decided a pimped up version would be appropriate while celebrating their 10th anniversary.

The new 2023 version of Spring Warrior includes completely improved graphics, new levels, and new FM music composed by non other than Wolf. Further more, there are improvements in the game system, control, gameplay, and it now includes a pseudo-random screen generation system that allows each game to be completely different from the previous one. The ROM runs on MSX2 computers with 128k RAM and MSX-Music.

Spring Warrior 2023 is now ready for sale, place your order by contacting Oniric Factor by e-mail. Order now, and you'll get the limited edition which is the boxed ROM with a CD for additional content. The price is €32.00 - ex shipping costs. Check out the product page for more information.

Relevant link: Oniric Factor web site

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25-04-2023, 17:33

Great news! Oniric Factor always delivers quality but this time they even improved on that Big smile