120+ old magazines, to be collected for free

By MSi

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18-02-2010, 20:13


I have about 120+ or so (didn't count) old MSX Magazines that I need to get rid of.
They're all from the good old days, MCM, MCCM, Software Gids, etc.

Anybody interested to pick them up for free? (In Hoofddorp) (or a bottle of wine would be nice too haha)

Best regards,

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By MSX4ever

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19-02-2010, 11:06

Hallo , ik wil ze graag bij je komen ophalen hoor.

Hoor het wel


Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By RetroTechie

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19-02-2010, 21:28

(or a bottle of wine would be nice too haha)
Heard that before... let us know red or white, or he/she will bring you the wrong kind WinkLOL!LOL!

By Manuel

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20-02-2010, 15:44

Roald, do you have MSX Club magazine mags 1-15? Or Software Gids issues? (I don't have all of these.)