How did/does MSX influence your life?

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By chaos

Paladin (809)

chaos의 아바타

26-08-2003, 23:06

MSX has made a great impact on my life.
I've started to take pianolessons a year ago because I wanted to learn more after playing around with moonblaster/blaffer for a few years.
I'm studying computer science because MSX gave me interest for computers/programming.
From age 14-18 I've been using the MSX almost daily!
Now in my spare time I'm still programming and composing for/on MSX.

My life would have been and would be quite different without MSX Wink
how about you?

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By Gunkan

Rookie (23)

Gunkan의 아바타

26-08-2003, 23:23


I studied computer science just because of MSX...
I get interested in japanese language and culture just for MSX and Konami games specially... Now my life is half in spain and half in Japan...

MSX do influence my life Smile

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

anonymous의 아바타

26-08-2003, 23:31

Same for me! Ever since I was 8 I wanted to make games, because of MSX. I skipped school so often to play MSX...
Even now, everything I learn is related to MSX somehow.

You can say MSX is my life. Smile

By snout

Ascended (15187)

snout의 아바타

27-08-2003, 00:37

I am convinced that once the MSX system has truly grabbed you, it will never really let you go. Thank God for that Smile (or should we thank Bill Gates and Kazuhiko Nishi for that one?)

Got my first MSX2 in 1986 and after the usual gaming I bought a book about coding some simple things in BASIC and learned a lot about computers in general.

In 1990 I joined Flying Bytes which was the real big change. Working with other people on demo's, music disks and games were fun and cool things to do (nice things to brag about on school, came in handy for a shy person like me). Got interested in Japan thanks to games like SD-Snatcher and the link Flying Bytes had with Club GHQ. (We received a nice letter from Club GHQ and before we knew it we were distributing dutch MSX products in Takeru).

After our final masterpiece project, Final Future, failed miserably I didn't join another MSX group. I kept visiting MSX fairs and working on new stuff on my own though. But it was less fun and in the end I got close to inactive. My first PC's only made it worse.

However, once I got an internet connection the first thing I looked for were MSX sites. In the meantime I learned some basic HTML things. When I heard Sander wanted to drop the MRC in 1999/2000 I was one of the people who helped thinking along how we could maintain the MRC in the future. The true saviour of the MRC has been Bart though. His thoughts about the MRC were way ahead of time but we couldn't have made it any other way.

Thanks to the MRC I'm totally 100% back in MSX business. I'm even back developing, working on TVSP and got some coding things I'd like to try soon. I never was really good at ASM, but I'm surprised at all the things I can still remember. Just want to see what I can squeeze out of the MSX.

Well.. as almost every MSXer Japan, Tilburg and Zandvoort are words that have very special feelings for me. And euhm.. Computer Science? Guilty Wink

By Ivan

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Ivan의 아바타

27-08-2003, 00:45

I'm a technical engineer -in computers- thanks to MSX (university graduate of 3 years).

Now I'm in the 4th course/year of Computer Science. Due to work I have a "super-mega-pack" of failed subjects for this September Sad

By Sama

Ambassador (2068)

Sama의 아바타

27-08-2003, 01:10

I guess I wouldn't have become a Master in Japanese Language and Culture (yes, I graduated, about a week ago to be exact Big smile) if it weren't for MSX... Although it wasn't the main reason for me to study Japanese, it certainly had something to do with it...

By Latok

msx guru (3870)

Latok의 아바타

27-08-2003, 02:08

And here it is. The big question. How did/does MSX influence my life. Let's see how honest I can be answering this one...

For me, MSX is a drug. I'm completely addicted to it. MSX is something I can escape into. Not that I'm fooling around with the machine constantly, it's just a general feeling I have. The lettercombination 'MSX' really does something to me. Mostly, it cheers me up. When I'm feeling down, I turn on my MSX and start playing some stupid game or listening some MSX tune.

I like feeling nostalgic, romantic and even a bit (controlled) depressed sometimes. MSX perfectly fits these moods. Especially MSX tunes are perfect partners to be in this moody mode...

Furthermore, in the past, MSX brought me a lot, social wise. I guess Wammes is right. I also used MSX as a shield against the 'cruel society'. And in those days, I discovered the real world, thanks to MSX. I stepped out of this little town in the Northern part of The Netherlands. And finally, it gave me the opportunity to grow socially and be more communicative and stuff. MSX also 'gave' me friends with whom I've experienced some of the greatest moments of my life. Especially the early 90s were of great great impact. Although I don't speak to all these 'soulbrothers' that much anymore, I still have the feeling we do share something special. Thx dudes Tongue

And apart from these thoughts, I also think the MSX structure is appealing. It stimulates creativity and gives people the feeling computers aren't these black (white) boxes which no one understands. I hope this new one-chip-computer Nishi is developing has a lot of the MSX philosophy. Because if it has, we will finally have the perfect way humans and computers should 'interact'. And this stupid MSX dream I have for about 20 years now will come true after all Wink

Anyway, I think this is what keeps my MSX spirit still going strong. Thanks for reading! You can die now Tongue

By Argon

Paragon (1120)

Argon의 아바타

27-08-2003, 09:08

Same here too Smile
I started computer science, and got very interested in programming (especially games).

All because of the MSX, I can now pay my taxes and such Sad
Hehe, joking Smile

The MSX had a unmistakable huge impact on my life.

By BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

BiFi의 아바타

27-08-2003, 09:40

In short... MSX has become my life. Ever since I got one to play around with in 1984 (I was 12) I got fascinated by the things a computer can do and what you can have the computer do, and playing games was the main thing. My homework was never done because of it. Later I wanted to program things myself, which started with simple small things like gfx jokes and later basic database systems. Thanks to MSX I started to do more things with computers and programming became a true passion. Nowadays I've degrees in system and network administration and programming. I never halted doing things with or for MSX. My personal home page is dedicated to tips, cheats and other related things regarding Konami and MSX, working with many people on MSX products and about 15 months ago I got involved with MRC.

By msxgamesbox

Champion (397)

msxgamesbox의 아바타

27-08-2003, 09:53

A day without MSX? Impossible (except when on vacation)... I got my first MSX in 1984 and as kid this was THE COMPUTER for years, especially playing great games, over and over. I never really got involved into programming, though I created simple programs in Basic, but I never went any further. The nineties were mostly 'No MSX' for me until one day I found about a lot of MSX sites on the web - and started my own MSX website ... since then, I rediscovered this great computer, the MSX2 and more recently the MSX2+ and Turbo-R. There is not one day I am not connecting to a MSX site or play a game in my new 'MSX Corner' at home!

By ro

Scribe (4715)

ro의 아바타

27-08-2003, 12:29

*BIG* influence on my life. period.

MSX was/is the snake behind me that hisses what my damage could have been.
Venomous voice, tempts me, drains me, bleeds me, leaves me cracked and empty.
Drags me down like some sweet gravity.

Like the man said; a real addiction.

then years later I felt this coming over like a storm again.

And as the walls come down and as I look in it's eyes
my fear begins to fade recalling all of the times
I have died, and will die, it's all right I don't mind.

And considerately killing me.

I quess the Savages never strayed the Shadows of planet Wolf eh.

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