MSX Super Turbo back where it belongs

By RetroTechie

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03-06-2010, 17:50

= On original designer's webpage. I've been happy with how it was for a long time (just mirrored copies), because people knew where to find it, and contents was still accurate.

Unfortunately HansO pulled most of his pages recently (thx. Hans, for hosting a copy so long!), leaving -sometimes partial- copies in random places like this. Somewhat silly situation IMO with me still around & having my own site. So - memory cycles, M1 cycles, wait cycles, duty cycles, clock cycles & more @

If you're hosting one of those old mirror copies, I recommend you replace that copy with a link to above page. Easier for you, easier for me & I intend to keep that online for a loooonng time. Changes:

  • Added generic procedure on how to build into MSX machines (with pointers to related info), with tips on how to do it in small steps. So that if something goes wrong, you only have a few changes since last working point, and should be able to find cause of problem faster. I always try to minimize steps myself, not because things go wrong so often, but because it's so easy to make mistakes, and I don't like backtracking through a heap of changes... ._,
  • Info on possible improvements - if you're planning use of this circuit, you might want to check that section.
  • Re-formatted the webpage, with many small edits here & there.

In case you were considering a turbo upgrade: I think Repair-Bas may still have some 7 MHz. kits ATM, suitable Z80 chips are still for sale at large online sellers like Digikey or Farnell, your local electronics shop may still have a Z80B on offer, and 74HCxx logic can still be bought 'everywhere'.

Btw. if you're hosting a copy somewhere that includes my e-mail address in plaintext, I would very much appreciate if you could remove that (at least the e-mail address, that is). Not that you can't find my e-mail elsewhere, that the one on my homepage has heavy spam-armouring, or that I'm getting much spam, but... I wouldn't want to get more. B-) Thx...!!

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By Manuel

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03-06-2010, 21:04

Thanks! This is a great circuit,which has served me well for years (thanks to my MSX friends who made the design into real hardware).

By Bastiaan

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04-06-2010, 09:03

good work to preserve it, I think I made a personal copy of the design long ago when it was on !
Maybe it is a good idea also to have a little photo of it, like the ZX mod you have online?

By msxegor

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06-06-2010, 18:10

BTW, it's interesting to compare speeds of different turbo-extensions. Say, with a simple program like this:

10 defint a-z:i=0
20 oninterval=30 gosub 40:interval on
30 i=i+1:goto 30
40 locate0,0:print i:i=0:return

(if you have PAL computer, replace 30 with 25 in line 20)
As for me, i got the following output for Yamaha YIS-503III -
- Native Z80 about 250
- Z180 accelerator at 5.7 Mhz about 380 (zero extra waits, refresh on)

By Dhampird

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20-06-2010, 04:44

Hello, i´m planning to contruct the double pcb for the MSX Super Turbo using the original design that is in the web, i wonder if anyone have the final files to make photolithos for contruct the double pcb, i dont have pcb heatstroke, but it is possible that i could to make build towards any online or local shop. Other way will be redesing with any pcb design program, i wonder if you know if any of this programs could support import files, like jpg,gif, to can import the image from the web and make more fast the redesign. Ok, i suppose that anyone wont sell the pcb buil it or only the pcb, for this i ask you about the final files to build command any shop with heatstroke.

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