I updated Msx2 Hb-F9s ROMS to Msx2+, works...

By Dhampird

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04-08-2010, 07:21

Hello, thanks to the rom files and info that the user of this forum NYYRIKKI (thanks a lot for the effort) made for me, i could update my msx2 hb-f9s to msx2+, i burned the rom files using willem eprom programer, to burn the files i did:

-Burn IC11.ROM to eprom 27C256, this rom contains "main ROM" = "BASIC ROM"
-Burn IC12.ROM to eprom 27C512 , this rom contains EXT ROM (16KB) + Kanji BASIC ROM (32KB)+ 16KB free space

To install in msx2 hb-f9s the eprom 27C256 is the same datasheet pinouts than the original 23C256, once burned i release the old , then i installed a socket, and finally i placed the new eprom 27C256 on it.
To install in msx2 hb-f9s the eprom 27C512, the pin 1 will not conected to the socket, mantain it in the air and wire to the z80 pin5.

Some new features of the eproms:

- 50Hz VDP wait delay on boot
- 50Hz default boot mode
- 50Hz boot logo
- 60 Hz mantain "H" key in boot
- European "PRINT USING"
- Kanji BASIC
- Spanish font
- Spanish keyboard
- Correct date format, ID bytes etc.

Original Hb-F9s Eproms:


Msx2+ roms Update install:


I hope this could help someone, anyways thanks again NYYRIKKI for the fully help.

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By Josevil

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12-09-2019, 19:15

hello, could you hang the modified bios in dropbox, it would be helpful