The Experimental Sound Mini-Compo - voting started

by wolf_ on 01-05-2012, 14:59
Topic: Challenges
Tags: music, sound

A while ago, the Expermental Sound Mini Compo was conceived. The deadline is behind us; thee entries have been submitted.

VDP Music, by hap, abuses the buzzing noise which hardware designers much rather would like to avoid. As the VDP is the source of all this noise, manipulating the on-screen action generates all the flavours of buzzes. A typical entry for the category: "it's not a bug, it's a feature!"

The Alan Randoms Project, by 303bcn, is a variation on the 16-step sequencers that appeared a long time ago, some of which gained cult status. Various parameters are present to tweak drums and pitched tones. The waiting is on some bright spark who samples loops like these to make something hot with it!

Noise Raiser, by Paxanga, is almost like a game. Sonobitas are creepy sprites wandering around and bumping onto walls. Some of these walls are programmable and decide how the generated music should change. These special walls can be moved around, creating or removing obstacles for these Sonobitas and thus changing the continuity of all the generated music. Sounds complex? Watch this.

Weird yet fascinating they all are. Voting has started on the Karoshi forum, where comments and download links can be found.

Relevant link: Karoshi forum thread