Game Music Cover Challenge - deadline extended

Game Music Cover Challenge - deadline extended

by Jorito on 26-01-2014, 13:41
Topic: Challenges

With four entries already in, the Game Music Cover Challenge is off to a great start. When we announced the challenge, some composers wanted to join the competition but were unable to do so because of the deadline of January 31st, 23:59 CET.

To give these composers the chance to join and to treat the MSX community on even more excellent MSX game music covers, we have decided to extend the deadline. The new deadline for the Game Music Cover Challenge is friday February 28th, 23:59 CET.

So if you weren't able to join in the challenge before, here's your new chance to make that cool game cover you have been always dreaming of! As far as rules go: nearly anything goes, as long as it's a cover of an MSX game song and hasn't been released before.

Happy composing!

Relevant link: Game Music Cover Challenge announcement

Comments (3)

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1788)

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26-01-2014, 14:02

I like it Smile With my newfound love for composing and covering (haven't been doing much of that for the past few years) I might actually be crazy enough to create another song!

By Pac

Scribe (6971)

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26-01-2014, 17:24

Well done! Hope this brings us more compositions.

By MsxKun

Paragon (1115)

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31-01-2014, 17:50

Well, I sent my tune yesterday. Now I have time to make a new one If I feel like it (it's not easy to me Sad )