From Finland comes the fourth entry in the Game Music Cover Challenge. MRC user yzi suprises us with a cover of Konami's racing game F-1 Spirit, in particular the song "Hot Summer Riding" that you can hear during the stock race and rally. yzi decided to create the entire song on the Roland MT-32 synthesizer, which was released in the same year as F-1 Spirit.

As yzi himself writes:

yzi wrote:

It's a Roland MT-32 cover of one of the songs in the Konami MSX game F1 Spirit. I thought the MT-32 was a good instrument for this, because it was released the same year as F1 Spirit, 1987. So I kind of tested what F1 Spirit might have sounded like, if done with more high-end contemporary computer sound hardware. My cover version uses only Roland MT-32 factory presets, except for one distorted guitar sound which I found in a SysEx sound bank.

Without further ado, have a listen to what F-1 Spirit could have sounded like when Konami would have used MIDI in stead of the SCC.

Relevant link: F-1 Spirit - Hot Summer Riding by yzi

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By Jorito

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25-01-2014, 23:57

Nice find to use the Roland MT-32 for this! I still have my MT-32 connected here, but don't use it much. I like its sounds but never thought of using it for a game cover. Like +1!

By KdL

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26-01-2014, 00:26

yes for me too! like+1 Big smile

By meits

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26-01-2014, 00:33


By jurjen74

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26-01-2014, 20:19

I Love it, had some really good times with this game...

By shaiwa

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01-02-2014, 19:54

Big fan of the MT-32, song sounds very nice on this synth.
Maybe possible to release the midi with the SysEx?

By yzi

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01-02-2014, 23:03

I did the sequencing in Ableton Live, which does not support multitrack MIDI export, or any kind of SysEx... I had to do the one special SysEx part with the Mac running DOSBox running Windows 3.1 running a SysEx librarian program. I changed the patch to the custom one, and then I recorded the one special part separately to a separate audio track. Wink The only way to get it all in a big MIDI file would be recording it all with a MIDI cable, or a virtual MIDI cable, into another sequencer.