MSXdev’20: #20 – Find It!

MSXdev’20: #20 – Find It!

by MSXdev Team on 31-07-2020, 07:09
Topic: Challenges
Tags: msxdev20, puzzle

Find It! is puzzle game based in a game called Where is it made by Ricco59. The aim of the game is to find a certain pattern of little color tiles in the playing board. Of course, things are not very easy as there are many similar patterns in the screen and our tileset is 4×4 in size.

The best way to success in Find It! is look for certain order or colors series in the board and then compare to our tileset. Players must be fast as time runs out. The game offers different difficulty levels so players can exercise their mind in the lowest ones and then aim for the hardest.

Will you find it?

  • Name of the game: Find It!
  • Game size: 16KB
  • RAM size requirements: 8KB
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Name of the individual involved: Fabf

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  • MSXdev’20: #20 – Find It!
  • MSXdev’20: #20 – Find It!
  • MSXdev’20: #20 – Find It!
  • MSXdev’20: #20 – Find It!
  • MSXdev’20: #20 – Find It!

Comments (5)

By tfh

Prophet (2930)

tfh's picture

31-07-2020, 13:03

By Pippo

Champion (505)

Pippo's picture

31-07-2020, 14:31

Very, very nice puzzle game! Big smile
Best wishes to Fabf! Smile

By TheKid

Paragon (1184)

TheKid's picture

31-07-2020, 14:52

Nice game, although the title sounds familiar Smile

By ray2day

Hero (662)

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03-08-2020, 18:45

Cool I like these kind of puzzle games! Congratulations! Cool

By Fabf

Champion (258)

Fabf's picture

03-08-2020, 19:58

Thanks ! Big smile