MSXdev'11 - JumpinG announced

by wolf_ on 19-12-2011, 23:32
Topic: Challenges

Time's running fast, especially in these days of festivities one can't flee from. The million dollar question is how damaging these days are for development with a deadline waiting. So far only one completed entry for the yearly game contest MSXdev has been submitted, other entries are still being worked on. It wouldn't be the first time when nothing happens for a year, followed by an avalanche of entries during the last evening.

Until we find out how much snow is heading our way, it'd be good to know that a fresh new entry has set its course towards us too. Dimension Z is the name of a new formation and their entry is to become an educational platform game. The specifications are fairly modest: a 32 KB ROM that requires only 8 KB RAM. From the first looks it appears to become a rather nice looking MSX1 game. We'll know in little over a month, when the moment of truth is there, and the competition closes.

Relevant link: MSXdev'11

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By Manuel

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20-12-2011, 23:46

Cool that Dimension Z was founded by an old school MSX developer of New Frontier!