MSXdev'12 winner announced

MSXdev'12 winner announced

by Jorito on 03-01-2013, 21:54
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The MSXdev'12 challenge deadline ended on December 15th and that was the signal for the jury to start. The 2012 edition of MSXdev was a bit different than the previous challenges. Apart from eternal fame there were no prizes to be won, and this time the submitted entries were to be judged by the members of the MSX community instead of having an appointed jury.

The members of the MSX community could vote on the three submitted entries on the Karoshi forums till the end of 2012. The voting days have passed, a new year has started, and with a total of 26 votes on the submitted games, the final results look like this:

  1. Teodoro No Sabe Volar by Retroworks-Dimension Z: 73.1%
  2. Subacuatic by Relevo Videogames: 19.2%
  3. JINJ2 - Belmonte's Revenge by Retroworks: 7.7%

Congratulations to Retroworks-Dimension Z for winning the contest and also to the other creators for their completed games!

Now that MSXdev'12 has really closed, organizer viejo_archivero felt it was time to reflect on the contest and also to look ahead towards maybe organising an MSXdev'13 challenge. The debate and discussion can be followed on the Karoshi forums (Spanish).

What do you think, should there be an MSXdev'13? And in what form? Voice your opinion in the comments!

Relevant link: MSXdev'12 results

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By Manuel

Ascended (14978)

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03-01-2013, 23:23

I think that due to the MSX dev being on the Karoshi forum it posted a barrier for participating and getting involved. I found it hard to download and find the entries and I missed the whole voting stuff completely. Indeed, I'm not a Karoshi forum member... So, for me personally, I'd prefer if it was not on a forum but on a separate site. (I bet the Karoshi regulars do not agree ;-)

OTOH: I'm very glad that these games were created and published. I especially enjoyed Teodoro No Sabe Volar. Thanks for that! And thanks for organizing MSXdev that triggered the creation of these games Smile

By Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1754)

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03-01-2013, 23:59

I feel similar; doing everything in the forums made it more complicated to find the games in an easy way and also having to register to the forum to vote also is an extra barrier. Too bad, because MSXdev'12 saw some nice entries again!

Also, I thought it a bit weird that the retrospective and MSXdev'13 brainstorm is also fully in Spanish, that quite limits the amount of feedback. Then again, I think all MSXdev'12 entries were Spanish and if MSXdev is a Spanish-only affair it'd make sense Smile

By Turrebo

Expert (76)

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04-01-2013, 07:51

Well, you could organize a similar competition on, right? Translating it into various languages shouldn't be a problem with so many loyal regulars from all over the globe. Just a thought.

By Manuel

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04-01-2013, 08:41

I think there are enough competitions now in our small MSX world...

By Huey

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04-01-2013, 09:28

MSXdev'13 should have no ROM size limit.

Then I'll be glad to enter the competition.

By Creepy

Champion (330)

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04-01-2013, 09:53

And stuff like the reflection completely in spanish doesn't help either. To me, from the start, it felt like a Spanish competition on a Spanish forum. Even despite some stuff was in English

By viejo_archivero

Paragon (1372)

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04-01-2013, 10:48

Hey all! Some things to point out: the organization of the dev inside the forums is really not that inaccesible... you do not need an user to explore every MSXdev content, download games, etc., it has been nicely separated into a different board and put at the top of the forums.. you just need to register *IF* you want to set an entry, if you want to vote or if you want to comment. So it is exactly the same as MRC Challenges, isn't it?

In the other hand, you've got a point with the language barrier... we stated in the rules the need of english everywhere, and I think it has been done 80% or so. Next edition we promise we will be more demanding on that point, so noone misses a comment.

About the forum thread that's been discusing about the MSXdev (and have no doubt MSXdev'13 will be held). The main idea right now is mini-edition of the MSXdev (in the shape of MSXdev'04) in order to try to resurrect the contest. So far, the most probable option is: just 6 months, MSX1, 8KB ROM mini-games, at Karoshi Forum Boards, popular voting. but well, we are at it right now, feel free to contribute with your opinion there (although is a spanish thread, np with shouting your opinion in english).

And about the dev, congrats to all entries! 3 news MSX games is always good news!!

By Huey

Prophet (2642)

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08-01-2013, 21:05

Ah, I see there has been a poll for the size of ROMs for dev'13.

Too bad it has been closed after only 1 day. Why? Most non regular Karoshi forum visitors must have missed it. Question

By viejo_archivero

Paragon (1372)

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09-01-2013, 06:52

I think I stated it pretty clear, but I will try to do it again here: it is *not* about a poll for just Karoshi regulars, but for those really attracted for the MSXdev'12 debate thread we opened at Karoshi forums (that's has been spoted in this very newpost, so it was not anything private *at all*).

The discussion started with new rules and restrictions proposal for the next edition, and people involved in the conversation mostly agree on what was proposed (to go back to the MSXdev'04 way) but the debate lead to different opinions on some aspects (ROM size, RAM size, voting system, open source yes/no, sponsorized prizes yes/no). Just to have a real overview on what has been talking there, I've started to open different polls (still need to open some more) in order to pulse in numbers the opinion of users into the discussion. For example, and thanks to the ROM size poll, we realized it will be better to go 16KB ROM instead of 8KB, that was my initial idea: people sharing his opinion at Karoshi agreed on the need of smaller games to boost again the contest (take the example of MSXdev'04 or the success of the recent MRC Tenliner) but stated at the poll that 8KB ROM perhaps could be a extreme barrier for beginners.

So take those polls results as: 1st, something not mandatory for the MSXdev organizers, but orientative to get the feel of the communtiy; and 2nd, something that would help us to "fine tune" our previously taken decision, that is the creation of a mini-game contest (as the ROM size poll did, by changing our initial 8KB intention to 16KB). Although every option shared at the thread has its own reflex at the polls it is mostly to see the full range of opinions, as we really think this is not a time of making the dev as an "MSX1 #msxdev compo": that would be like killing the contest.

We want to open the contest asap (next week if possible), so polls will be coming fast in order to adjust and polish the new MSXdev'13 specs, and every post at those polls are written in english (with slapfesta for those using spanish there), so if any of you were not aware of this MRC newpost or misread it and it's not checking the MSXdev'13 thread having place at Karoshi forums, please do it if you want to support/join the contest, or if you are interested on help us with adjusting those precisions to the final contest specs.

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