MSXdev21 Sponsored Items

MSXdev21 Sponsored Items

by MSXdev Team on 05-07-2021, 13:27
Topic: Challenges

The running MSXdev21 game compo just confirmed three new sponsored items to the prize list. It is never to late to join the awesome and sponsor the initiative.

The long running MSXdev phenomena is a compo for and by MSX geeks, like all of us. Game creators, the organization, donors and sponsors alike; all addicted to that Z80 system. With more than two hands full of submitted games, a long list of donators, and a growing list of sponsors, it is for sure going to be a good edition.

The recent call to MSX lovers for contributing to the dev institution payed of; a record of close to 1000 euro has already been collected. Just a few cents more to cross that boundary, you can still donate.

Besides money donations, the compo takes sponsored items as well. And already three sponsors are confirmed to fill up the winners loot box for MSXdev21. It is with great honor to announce the following sponsored items for MSXdev21:

Again, for MSX by MSX lovers - a great gesture! All sponsored items get dropped in the winners-loot-box. From this loot box every winner can take an item of choice, starting with the first winner of the contest. Thinking of filling up the box by sponsoring? Contact the msxdev21 team.

The MSX community is awesome!

More about MSXdev21, that runs from Jan 1st to Sep 1st, 2021, and its sponsors, visit the MSXdev web site.

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By hamlet

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05-07-2021, 13:52

You know, I love loot boxes! And for this one I'm gonna donate a cartridge interface board for the RasPi, assembled by Victor Trucco.

By TheKid

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05-07-2021, 21:23

Waaaaah, coool.

By thegeps

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06-07-2021, 15:44


By konamiman

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07-07-2021, 09:13

An SX-1, yummy! But I couldn't make a game even if my life depended on it LOL!