Tenliner Challenge #15 - Sidestep

Tenliner Challenge #15 - Sidestep

by Jorito on 15-12-2012, 09:33
Topic: Challenges

With only a few days to go until the deadline, we received another entry in the MRC Tenliner Challenge. The fifteenth entry is a game from our special guest from Korea, MR. GHOST. He made the game Sidestep for MSX1 or higher.

Sidestep is a game where you control an airplane, and you have to dodge enemies for as long as you can to gain points. The plane is controlled with the left and right cursor keys. The game uses screen 1/3 with a background scroll. In contrast with most of the other entries, Sidestep will not work well on R800 because the game will be too fast and therefore unplayable.

There's only 3 days left to send in your entry for the Tenliner Challenge, so hurry and send in your contribution before December 17th, 23:59 CET!

Relevant link: Sidestep

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By mars2000you

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15-12-2012, 10:40

ROM version is also available :


It's a variant where you can collect points !