8-BIT Graphic Coder for the MSX2

by snout on 18-07-2009, 12:24
Topic: Development

Source: MSX Banzai!

Vampier has released a useful graphic editor he developed in cooperation with BiFi. The 8-BIT Graphic Coder for the MSX2 (cutely to be named GraCo from now on) is available as a ROM image from this website.

For a nice preview of the editor you can have a look on YouTube, where a late beta version can be seen in action right here. The video also serves as a nice tutorial of the editor.

Relevant link: 8-BIT Graphic Coder for the MSX2

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By Vampier

Prophet (2385)

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18-07-2009, 19:52

Editor Functions
- To Draw simply Push the [SPACE BAR] on the desired location Select Colors
- Push [+] For Color Up / Push [-] For Color Down Changing the Palette
- Push [R] [G] [B] to increase the RED/GREEN/BLUE value with 1 Quick Color Up/Down
- Use either [<] or [>] to adjust the current pixel color

- Push [Z] to Rotate
- Push [H] to Mirror Horizontal
- Push [V] to Mirror Vertical

Push [ESC] to go the Load/Save Screen

Temporary Slots
- Temporarily store tiles in one of the 4 slots
- Push [1] [2] [3] or [4] to store the current tile in the slot
- Push SHIFT+[1] [2] [3] or [4] to copy corresponding slot into current tile

Master Graphics Page Functions
- Push [P] to show the Master Graphic Page
- Push [S] to quick save
- Push [L] to quick load
- Push [C] to clear the screen (this cannot be undone!)
- Push [ESC] [P] or [ENTER] to exit this mode