DenyoNet Unapi BIOS 0.4 + GETURL 1.0

by konamiman on 10-01-2011, 21:52
Topic: Development

Konamiman informed us that two updates have been submitted to his website:

DenYoNet TCP/IP UNAPI BIOS 0.4. This is a ROM file that will made your DenYoNet compatible with the TCP/IP UNAPI specification, so that you can use networking applications directly, without having to install a separate TCP/IP stack.

GETURL.COM: URL extractor 1.0. This amazing tool extracts url's from textfiles and can be used with the HGET tool, from the same page. Now, if someone starts selling the DenYoNet cartridge, we can all use these!

Relevant link: Konamiman's webpage

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By konamiman

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10-01-2011, 22:04

Konamiboy? Thank you but I'm about to turn 37. Not quite a "boy" anymore. Tongue

By Sd-Snatcher

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10-01-2011, 22:50

Great News,

at 37 you turn into a girl ..... Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Leo

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11-01-2011, 21:47

i thought u were older Evil

By konamiman

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12-01-2011, 17:00

And now that I think of it... the important part of the news is HGET, not GETURL which is just a complementary tool.

@Leo: People tend to seem older when losing hair... Crying