Two weeks ago already, Sharksym released an updated version of his DOS2 Banking library for Hitech-C. New in this version is the addition of the previously announced graphics library and - in order to display the possibilites - an improved version of the demonstration project Tetris. The new vesion of this game gradually increases in difficulty.

Relevant link: DOS2 Banking Library 20110409

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By sd_snatcher

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22-04-2011, 18:34

This work is very promising!

Does it support slot switching too? A Hitech-C interface for RDSLT, WRSLT and ENASLT would be very useful!

I have a friend that doesn't know ASM but is very interested in coding in C for the MSX. But please, add the English documentation, otherwise almost nobody you be able to use your library.

In the meanwhile, does anyone knows if there are any other ready-to-use Hitech-C libraries for slot-switching on the MSX? This would help my friend to do his first steps.