FM Tone Editor

by snout on 26-06-2004, 19:13
Topic: Development

Source: VGM or Chiptune News

Boukichi released an FM-Tone editor for OPLL (MSX-Music) and its compatible VCR7 (NES) soundchip. The tone editor also emulates these chips so that you can listen to the tones you are creating. The tones can be exported as MML instrument data.

Relevant link: Boukichi's website

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By wolf_

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01-07-2004, 16:29

what about this: input the opll data (those 8 bytes), and then watch all the parameters.. I see good usage for that ^^;

By ro

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05-07-2004, 14:39

why? you want't the BASIC OPL FM data converted into readable FM data? I did that already, check Oracle and load up the BASIC.FMI file. . .

By wolf_

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05-07-2004, 22:53


* On PC I run a BGM player in some emu which displays opll data for the software instrument.
* on the MSX I run MBFM and I will look on my PC monitor "at some software that converts opll data into readable parameters" how to set all opll data.

It's all about using 2 computers at the same time, rather than switching apps on the msx..

the only faster way would be for MBFM to directly input opll data ..

uhm... MSD ? Helloooooooo? Smile