GFX lib 2005-03-02, documentation and website

by snout on 02-03-2005, 16:31
Topic: Development

Only 3 days ago the first version of GFX lib, a library of graphical routines for MSX in HiTech-C, was released. Rafael Janonne has put a lot of efforts in improving the library ever since, releasing no less than 5 new versions of the library in the days that passed.

The latest version, GFX lib 2005-03-02 comes with a lot of useful documentation (created with DoxyGen) and removes the side blurring from hline. Last but not least, the GFX lib website has been restyled, offering more screenshots and an easier way to navigate through its contents.

Relevant link: GFX lib website

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By jannone

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03-03-2005, 07:58

I'm currently working on:
* PSG functions
* bezier curves
* surface_t implementation

I'm taking a plane this week so, I believe it might take a while until the next release.
Until then I appreciate any feedback you might have Smile

Many thanks and happy coding!

-- Rafael Jannone