by hamlet on 09-01-2021, 18:51
Topic: Development
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Nextor is an enhanced version of MSX-DOS 2, the disk operating system for MSX computers. It is based on MSX-DOS 2.31 (1991), with which it is 100% compatible. This pull request introduces makefiles for proper incremental build of Nextor.

Makefiles are introduced in the following directories:

  • source/kernel
  • source/command/msxdos
  • source/tools
  • source/tools/C

Also there's a top-level makefile in source/ that invokes all others. See the README file for some more details.

The old scripts are removed. The even older compile.bat Windows scripts are kept, but will probably be removed in the future.

Worth mentioning the amazing pull request from Dean Netherton where he took an alternative approach and provided way more comprehensive makefiles.

Relevant link:
Github page.

Text by Néstor Soriano a.k.a. konamiman

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