MSX Pad 1.1

by snout on 30-07-2002, 17:44
Topic: Development

Source: MSX Mailinglist

Slotman updated MSX-Pad, the Turbo Pascal IDE environment for Windows today. Changes:

  • Locked the text box on the compilation error screen.
  • Fixed bug with long file names. Now you can install this program anywhere you want, and run your files from everywhere.
  • Now the program check the project directory and make sure it is not with more than 720kb of files in there.
  • Changed the way MSXIMG.EXE (the image converter) was executed, maybe now its win2k compatible...
  • Changed the url on the about box, it was loading an old address and not the .tk url.
  • User can now choose where the disk image file (dsk) will be created, when "compile and run" is selected.
  • Image convertor now converts every 256 color file to screen8 palette, using nearest color possible..
  • Now MSX IMG can save BMP files, so now you can also convert graphics from MSX to PC
  • Bload and Copy screens from Screen8 were displayed one pixel to the left.