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by snout on 13-06-2007, 14:11
Topic: Development

ARTRAG has sent us a nice utility which we have just added to our MSX downloads corner. It's a SCREEN 2 converter based on MSX Screen Conversor by Rafael Jannone, but coded in C this version is a bit faster and more accurate.

Relevant link: Screen 2 converter

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13-06-2007, 17:58

The converters are two:
The first is a C implementation of Jannone's algorithm.
The main improvement is the speed-up (1500 times faster, due to some optimizations and to the differences between interpreted/compiled languages) and the numerical accuracy.
The second is a patched version of the previous algorithm that uses a perceptually uniform distance in the color space.
The speed decreases (still 150 times faster than Jannone's) but the errors in colors should be less evident.

Both converter are limited to work on 24bit TGA files (this is bad) but you have the C source,
so you can include their core in your own projects.


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13-06-2007, 23:13

I hope these kind of optimizations will find their way to BMP2MSX. Although it's not been updated lately the source is available and it is still the most used PC -> MSX graphic converting tool.

By turbor

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14-06-2007, 09:02

BMP2MSX sources are available?? Question
Where ? Can you give an URL?

By Huey

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14-06-2007, 10:20

@turbor: Google is your friend Wink

But i'm feeling helpfull today; click on 'source file'


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15-06-2007, 12:10

should you need a screen4 version able to optimize the palette for a new edition of D&D demo....
Seriously this could be the base for a EVA video converter in screen 2 or 4
Noting to do with VDPENC (here with EVA, HD is mandatory), nevertheless this could be an appealing tool for videos on MSX


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15-06-2007, 23:20

what about integrating Floyd-Steinberg dithering in the BMPTO105 ?
It could improve a lot the final result of the conversion at no z80 cost.

By dvik

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23-06-2007, 19:43

Yes I think that could make a significant improvment. I think wolf_ suggested something like that earlier.

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