blueMSX 1.0.3

by snout on 25-11-2003, 18:12
Topic: Emulation

A new version of the MSX emulator called blueMSX was released today. In this version some timing issues were resolved. Also, NTSC mode and support for Brazilian MSX1 ROMs were added.

Relevant link: blueMSX website

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By mars2000you

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25-11-2003, 22:05

Ok, this emulator is really easy to use and has a good sound, but each time that I use it, I must , before running a dsk or rom image, select all my preferences, because they aren't not saved in a .ini file for example. It's waste of time and I really don't like this PAL TV emulation that comes by default ! I must also change the quality of sound, the MSX model (I choose MSX 2+ hidden under Basic 2.1 ... actually, it's Basic 3.0) and the RAM size !!!

NLMSX and openMSX are really better, but maybe more complicated for some MSX fans.
For the sound quality, NLMSX is really the best : you have an enhanced sound. For special features like Midi emulation or VDP tricks, openMSX is the real alternative !

And I forget one thing : no multiple screenshots feature in blueMSX ! So, I'll continue to use my loved NLMSX !!!