blueMSX 2.1 and blueMSX Launcher 1.1

by mars2000you on 24-12-2004, 18:15
Topic: Emulation

As a Christmas surprise to the MSX community the blueMSX team made two releases today: blueMSX 2.1 and blueMSX launcher 1.1.

The new version of blueMSX adds support for ColecoVision emulator. Like the Spectravideo (which is also emulated by blueMSX), the ColecoVision is closely related to the MSX computer system. Furthermore, the following changes were made:

  • Added support for disabling real floppy drive timing
  • Added selection for enabling/disabling saving configuration in Windows registry
  • Improved disk metric detection
  • Updated machines, including one with the brand new C-BIOS 0.19
  • Fixed bug that caused returning from A1 internal software back to VShell to fail
  • Fixed bug in the Panasonic Rom Mapper that made FS-A1WSX machines crash
  • Fixed bug in the VDP Command engine that made graphics corrupt in Eidolon
  • Fixed Screen 3 rendering bug
  • Fixed Interlace bug in GigaMix game
  • Fixed bug in PSG that made notes hang in Sex Bomb Bunny
  • Fixed mouse bug in ROM disk magazines
  • Fixed bug in PCM playback that made some samples to be played too slow
  • Fixed bug in file associations that did not update associations for newly installed versions of the emulator
  • Fixed bug in Cassette Auto Rewind that made rewind fail when a cassette from the history was selected
  • Fixed bug in cas and caszip arguments for the command line
  • Fixed bug that made the casinfo directory not created correctly
  • Fixed bug in R800 frequency selector list
  • Fixed bug in Cassette saving that added trash at the end of the file
  • Fixed bug in Drag & Drop that made files with spaces sometimes fail

The blueMSXLauncher, developed by Sam Elsharif, can scan all your disks to create 2 databases, one for the games and one for the programs or applications. An extensive, manual is included.

Relevant link: blueMSX website