blueMSX Debugger Update

by dvik on 04-02-2006, 19:30
Topic: Emulation

The debugger in blueMSX v2.4 had a couple of bugs, mainly related to long symbol names. These bugs have been fixed and an update is now available on the blueMSX website.

Relevant link: blueMSX debugger update

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By ro

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05-02-2006, 11:12

so euh, some debugging of the debugger has been done, right?
Hope you got them buggers...

By sjoerd

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06-02-2006, 20:30


By dvik

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07-02-2006, 00:41

I tested it with SjASM 0.39g and it works great. Thanks for implementing the symbol file support. I think its making MSX development a lot easier.