blueMSX launcher 1.10

by snout on 25-10-2010, 20:33
Topic: Emulation

Source: MSXblue

A new version of this front-end for blueMSX and openMSX has been released today. New in this release:

  • support for setting MSX generation, sound chip and genre for different games
  • added ability to import data from a database based on data from Generation MSX
  • support for setting company, year and country data for games that don’t have entries in blueMSX database (such as disks)
  • new icons to indicate whether a game is ROM, disk, tape or harddisk based
  • support for favorites
  • caching in order to improve performance of filtering and search-by-SHA1
  • quickly select the desired filters via a dropdown list in the main window
  • added shortcut keys to start (enter) and delete (del) games from a list
  • German language definitions
  • allowed the user info file to be started by its default viewer

And many other (minor) changes. Although the website can be a bit tough to reach at the moment, the updated launcher can be found on the blueMSX resources section of the blueMSX website.

Relevant link: blueMSX resources