fMSX-SDL - a new MSX emulator for Windows

by anonymous on 02-07-2001, 21:54
Topic: Emulation

New MSX emulator for Windows : fMSX-SDL by Vincent van Dam

This new port of fMSX is based on fMSX 2.4 and includes real MSX-MUSIC, realMSX-AUDIO(!) emulation and high resolution (with scanlines) supportThe MSX-MUSIC (FM-PAC) emulation is using the emu2413 package by MitsutakaOkazaki.The MSX-AUDIO (Music Module) emulation is using the fmopl.c and ymdeltat.cpackages from xmame/xmess by Tatsuyuki Satoh.This emulation also includesthe samples.Minimum requirements is a Pentium 233 with 32mb RAM, however full MSX-MUSIC,MSX-AUDIO emulation in high resolution requires a Pentium-II 300.

This fabulous emulator can be found on:Vincent's page or download directly here