Improve emulation!

by Sander on 06-08-1999, 00:00
Topic: Emulation

I just got an idea for the makers of MSX-Emulators (WIN9X). Ever thought of programming the possibility for optimized palettes, real-time bilinear or trilinear filtering through the Direct3d function SetTextureQuality(D3DRMTEXTURE_LINEAR) or maybe SetRenderState(D3DANTIALIAS_SORTINDEPENDENT, TRUE)? Of course you also first would have to resize the image 400% in a buffer (pixel orientated resizing), apply the filters, resize back to it's original size (again pixel orientated) and then you would have to set the gamma a bit higher (IDirectDrawGammaControl) to compensate for the loss of color-brightness after applying the filter. I'm afraid a 3D card would also be necessary to use these functions.I bet you've newer played the MSX version of NemesisII in 16 bit colors or more! It's up to you programmers...

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