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by snout on 26-01-2006, 02:43
Topic: Emulation

Both an anonymous Korean developer and Erik Duijs have recently released JAVA based MSX emulators with which you can play MSX games on several platforms. As announced previously, the emulator coded by Erik Duijss is to offer special features, first of which is the possibility to submit highscores online.

Relevant link: JMSX (Korean)
Relevant link: Jemu2 (Erik Duijs)

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By BiFi

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27-01-2006, 11:06

Hmm... for some reason I'm a bit disappointed by this Jemu2. In the forum Erik wrote about dedicated modules to improve Nemesis horizontal scrolling for example, but playing it shows the same scroll we already know. I'd like to see that smooth scrolling.

For the rest, it's the first Java MSX emulator with sound, which is an improvement when you checked the other Java MSX emulators.

By erikd

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27-01-2006, 18:45

Hey I'm still working on smooth scrolls!
This is just an early release of the emulator with no special features except online high scores (which I think is kinda cool).

Just have some patience.

By BiFi

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27-01-2006, 21:44

the arcade-style 3D view is fun too...