meisei 1.1/1.1.1

by hap on 02-03-2008, 20:48
Topic: Emulation

Two new versions of meisei have been released in the last few days! New in the 1.1 version:

  • gfx: fixed DDraw renderer border refresh bug
  • input: corrected keyboard matrix quirk
  • changed power-on timing, to prevent "A Life M36 Planet" from locking up
  • added movie time code view option on play/record (hh:mm:ss;ff)
  • vdp: you can now disable/enable sprite and tile layers
  • vdp: added unlimited sprites option. This eliminates sprite flickering on most games, without affecting core accuracy: collision and overflow bits still work the same. Games that use overflow as a trick to hide sprite lines, like Athletic Land when falling into the water, will show glitches.
  • sound: added "triple buffering" to prevent overflows on longer frames
  • timing: speed up setting is now in percentage instead of integer multiply
  • timing: added slowdown feature, working similar to speed up (default: F10)
  • gfx: auto save palette didn't work
  • input: added "invert" function for axes
  • input: limited the speed of DInput reads, instead of always at every vblank. It sometimes returned wrong values in fast forward mode.
  • timing: added direct control over frame speed/reverse with an analogue axis, by default mouse Y axis while holding F10 + F12. It's called DJ scratching, since it kind of resembles that.
  • mappers: added AMD flash memory emulation, and Matra's INK mapper. One INK cartridge died in the process (no, not inkjet), curses were heard as far away as planet Gradius.
  • fixed crash when opening an SCC game by drag-dropping, while that same SCC game was already running

New features and fixes in the 1.1.1 version:

  • mappers: AMD flash erase sector/chip command didn't work properly
  • changed default video format to PAL, per default C-BIOS region code
  • gfx: full screen setting is now saved, so it's possible to start meisei in full screen

Relevant link: meisei 1.1/1.1.1

Comments (10)

By hap

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02-03-2008, 20:56

Don't forget 1.1 was released too Tongue
{mod: done Tongue}

By wolf_

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02-03-2008, 21:00

right, will fix some.. hold your breath.. Tongue

{edit} So, as you see, submitting a complete newspost, next time, may have its advantages!

By hap

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02-03-2008, 21:13

But seeing wolf_ in semi frantic panic is fun Wink
*** next person to post a link to a nice pic of Audrey Tautou will win meisei SRAM support *** (rolins didn't wanna)

By AuroraMSX

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02-03-2008, 22:14

Audrey Tautou? Who's that?
One INK cartridge died in the processMay it rest in pieces. When and where is the memorial service? Can we send flowers? or J-War? :RNFF:

By wolf_

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02-03-2008, 22:36

frenchbladibla d'Amelie

I get to hear the accordion filmmusic every now and then.. *yawn*

By hap

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02-03-2008, 22:37

It's at Samor's place, bring chairs.
*edit* for the ones that don't know, yeah, I borrowed the cart from him.

and yay you win (original request was here btw)

By Samor

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02-03-2008, 22:42

it's not yet at Samor's place, but it will get a proper funeral once it returns Tongue
I guess it was worth it, for emulation's sake Wink

By rolins

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03-03-2008, 06:46

Will there be support for SRAM? For games like Xanadu and Hydlide 2.


Enlighted (6845)

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03-03-2008, 10:51

I love meisei because the size of the window can be resized freely.

I propose or that meisei start supporting MSX2 or blue/openmsx start supporting free window resize
Big smile