MESS 0.86

by snout on 01-09-2004, 12:02
Topic: Emulation

A few days ago a new version of MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System based on MAME was released. As usual, this version incorporates all changes which were made to the latest version of MAME and some emulation specific changes. As for MSX emulation, a bug has been fixed which caused some input ports to be ignored. Furthermore the Windows GUI has been improved a bit.

Relevant link: MESS website

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By mars2000you

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01-09-2004, 17:20

Is the MSX drive emulation finally working again ? The last version where it works a little (not for disks with special boot sector) was version 0.56 .... and as it is really a great frustation to install each new version of MESS without knowing that, I refuse since version 0.81 to try new versions.
So, should it be possible to precise this little detail when a new version is released ?