MSX Emulator Comparison - Update

by snout on 28-02-2005, 00:12
Topic: Emulation

Earlier this month new versions of fMSX, M.E.S.S. and RuMSX were released. These three fresh MSX emulators were put to the test, looking at their accuracy, sound quality, useability and features. The result of these tests is now available in the MSX Emulator Comparison. Both fMSX and RuMSX managed to increase their MRC EmuRank scores, yet did not change position in the MRC EmuRank Charts.

Relevant link: MSX Emulator Comparison

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By Manuel

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28-02-2005, 19:30

It would be nice to have a separate section in a review with an overview of what has been improved and what the previous scores were.... (I'd like to see the diff in percentage of EmuRank! ;-) Kinda like a ChangeLog from a tester's perspective.

The review itself could then be just for the current version, like the first version of the review. So not mentioning changes, but giving a complete test report of the emulator.

By mars2000you

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28-02-2005, 21:08

To make the things more simple : the changes in the text should be indicated in another font and/or color .... So, no need to read again a complete review about an emulator (it's frustating, because I have a good memory and find boring to read again almost the same text !)

By snout

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28-02-2005, 22:01

As the set of testing software is subject to change, posting old EmuRank scores is futile, as they are bound to become meaninless in the near future. And no, I'm not planning to test old versions of MSX emulators time and time again, every time a test gets added, removed or changed in the testkit Wink

About clearly reporting on the changes in a text: this would make the text quite annoying to read to people who have -not- read the previous versions of the text. I'm not very fond of it, to be honest.

By Sonic_aka_T

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01-03-2005, 17:57

Resistance is futile!!! Prepare to be assimilated!!!