MSX Taper 1.0

by snout on 22-01-2008, 15:22
Topic: Emulation

Source: MSX Forum

Today, cesco released the first version of MSX Taper, a nice utility that can be used to create, edit and manage MSX tape images (.CAS files) for use in MSX emulators. Regular visitors of the MSX Resource Center could already have seen the utility take shape in this forum thread on our active MSX forum, where several MRC regulars helped out with feedback, feature requests and offering source code. The tool currently allows you to:

  • Open any .CAS file
  • Move any Binary, ASCII, Custom Block or BASIC files inside the tape
  • Rename any Binary, ASCII or BASIC file
  • Delete any file from the tape
  • Append other tape files to an existing tape
  • Import MSX-BASIC programs written in ANSI
  • Import any 8Kb ROM image and even some 16Kb ROM images
  • Create .WAV files of your tapes, at 1200baud, 2400baud or (if your computer supports it) 3200baud
  • Play the .CAS files directly, via your earphone jack to your MSX homecomputer

Relevant link: MSX Taper 1.0 - direct download for Windows - Mac OS X and Linux

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Play the .CAS files directly, via your earphone jack to your MSX homecomputeroO Wow.

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03-09-2009, 23:01

cool, were can i get this from