MSX.emu 1.4.23

by snout on 01-04-2012, 22:25
Topic: Emulation

A new version of MSX.emu - the blueMSX-based MSX emulator for Android devices has been released. Changes since we last reported about this emulator:

  • Fixed an on-screen d-pad problem
  • Added Show Bounding Boxes option to on-screen config showing the exact regions of the screen used in controller calculations
  • Added H and V Overlap options to on-screen config that affect what portion of the base button size is added to the bounding box, potentially overlapping with adjacent buttons for pushing both at once
  • Added Diagonal Sensitivity option for on-screen d-pad, setting to None disables diagonals completely
  • Fixed a screen orientation bug which could cause a distorted display on some devices upon orientation changes in the menu
  • Added Skip OS Input Method option to skip preprocessing key inputs by the OS in case it causes issues like dropped keys, etc
  • Check for multiple HID gamepads and treat each one as a different player
  • Added option to control image dithering, always on if using Android 3.0+ for better on-screen control image quality
  • Fixed on-screen keyboard size bug
  • Added Scanline and CRT overlay filters with selectable 25%, 50%, or 100% intensity
  • Added support for Surface Textures on Android 4.0+
  • Added option to show a menu icon when using on-screen controls
  • Added option to dim the screen when idle in the menu to save power
  • Added option to dim the OS navigation bar in Android 3.0+
  • Recognize the GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two extension for npot textures
  • Devices running Android 3.0+ now default to a 32-bit color display mode
  • Disable SurfaceTexture on Android 4.0+ if corresponding OpenGL extension is missing
  • Fixed a crash when setting the image filter with no game loaded
  • Added colored CRT and CRT 2x effects (old effect renamed to CRT Mask), and more effect levels
  • Added a menu command to take a game screenshot
  • Fixed pushing start+select simultaneously with the on-screen controls using one finger
  • Added a low diagonal sensitivity setting to the on-screen controls and made it default
  • Fixed DPI calculation if using non-auto orientation in the GUI and you start the app rotated 90 degrees off
  • Fixed an audio track creation issue causing sound to only work once per app launch on some devices
  • Fixed Xperia Play gamepad in Android 4.0+

MSX.emu can be acquired for € 6,19 in Google Play.

Relevant link: MSX.emu